BAHÁNDÌAN 是中央菲律宾大学的机构资料库,用于管理,传播和保存代表学术界及其附属机构及其教职员工和学生的学术作品的数字资料。

BAHÁNDÌAN 是一个大学资源库,可访问中央菲律宾大学及其附属机构的出版物。访问通常不受限制,符合用于元数据收集的开放档案馆倡议(OAI)协议,该协议使此类档案可以互操作和可交叉搜索。

BAHÁNDÌAN 是Hiligaynon的宝藏术语(Uy-Griño,2005)。该机构资料库象征着该机构大量有价值的学术著作。建立该数字资源库的目的是为大学的研究和奖学金提供开放的在线访问,为后代保留这些作品,促进学术交流的新模式并帮助加深社区对高等教育价值的理解。

Uy-Griño,E.(2005年)。 Diksyonaryo:Hiligaynon-English / English-Hiligaynon。 菲律宾伊洛伊洛市:中央菲律宾大学



  • Computerized restaurant sales and stock monitoring system 

    Chicano, Andrian A.; Huervana, Edgar G. (2009)
    Food business is probably the most competitive and challenging industry. Beside food quality and environment, customer’s satisfaction on dining experience become an essential factor in creating customer’s loyalty and company ...
  • E-Kid (Eye-control my kid system) 

    Pelango, Angela L.; Catindig, Precious Grace P.; Belza, Jebbe L. (2010)
    The rapid technological development is a significant factor that improves man’s awareness in its environment. For instance, the internet offers a lot of information in just one click. It is essential in terms of business, ...
  • Rice crops nutrient deficiency and disease incidence monitoring system using image analysis 

    Labanero, Gymylh C.; Benoman, Arniel V. Jr.; Juguan, Ken Carlo G.; Silva, Duke Raphael; Valenzuela, Karl Jian Y. (2017)
    The study is designed to develop a Rice Crops Nutrient Deficiency and Disease Incidence Monitoring System Using Image Analysis. It is developed to provide a more reliable, convenient, efficient, and effective monitoring ...
  • Basic sign language comprehension system 

    Acelador, Helen Grace P.; Allones, Ma. Lorena S.; Bacerra, Faith R.; Embrado, Jocelyn E.; Larroza, Karen L. (2004)
    The rapid development of technology leads to the improvement of every basic computerized system that may found in every establishment or organization. Like in deaf communities, Sign Language serves as their primary means ...
  • ICUPAO management and information system with mapping 

    dela Torre, Karen Joy; Fernandez, Kay Hegie; Matias, Audrey Anne; Sorbito, Susan; Tugahan, Ella Marie (2016)
    Iloilo City Urban Poor Affairs Office (ICUPAO) Management Information System with mapping was developed to provide to the user a convenient way of managing data and do not need to go through a time consuming manual computation ...

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