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  • Engineering Journal, Volume 3(1), July 2000 

    Central Philippine University (Central Philippine University, 2000-07)
    The CPU Engineering Journal was published annually by the College of Engineering of Central Philippine University. The Journal was a report of the results of completed researches of the Engineering faculty, almuni and other ...
  • Low cost solar hot water system 

    Tyler, Michael T. (Central Philippine University, 2000)
    Solar Hot Water systems are extensively used in some of the more developed countries in the world. They have been subject to much research and are now extremely efficient units. With all of these improvements the cost has ...
  • Automated identification and security system for ECE laboratory 

    Cajita, Modesto Trexine; Alguidano, Ramon A. Jr.; Soriano, Melanie; Sarmiento, Julius (Central Philippine University, 2000-07)
    The population of ECE students of Central Philippine University (CPU) is increasing and the staff of ECE Lab has the hard time monitoring students who want to access the Lab. Laboratory teachers usually require the laboratory ...
  • Open laboratory 

    Rio, Walden S. (Central Philippine University, 2000-07)
    The education imparted to the student today is based on the lecture being done by the faculty and the laboratory work undertaken by the students with the teacher doing the supervision of the laboratory work. The objective ...
  • Effect of the modified bus segregation scheme (MBSS) on bus operation along the Epifanio De Los Santos Avenue (EDSA) 

    Fillone, Alexis M. (2000-07)
    The Modified Bus Segregation Scheme (MBSS) being implemented by the Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) to improve bus operations along EDSA was analyzed by taking bus samples before and after its implementation. To ...
  • A first year design project 

    Catolin, Mae; Vallejo, Alvin Antonio; Zapanta, John Elgin; Caballero, Akim Obed (Central Philippine University, 2000-07)
    Noise in educational institutions has always been a problem. This is due to the number of students suing the corridors and classrooms. In spite of this problem being present, no research work has been undertake to determine ...
  • Southeast Asia Journal Volume 11(1), 1979 

    Central Philippine University (Central Philippine University, 1979)
    Southeast Asia Journal was a research journal published by the University Research Center, Central Philippine University.
  • The mobile school 

    Pugne, Melquiades F. (Central Philippine University, 1979)
    The rural areas of the Philippines are teeming with idle manpower consisting of out-of-school youths and unemployed adults. Census figures show that six out of seven Filipinos live in close to 30,000 barrios dotting the ...
  • A study of the results in terms of academic behaviors, of a special program in guidance 

    Porter, Josefina Y. (Central Philippine University, 1979)
    The study was concerned with the problem of finding out whether a specific counseling treatment condition embodied in a Special Program in guidance would induce significantly greater achievement behavior among a section ...
  • The language policy of Indonesia 

    Sihombing, O. D. P. (Central Philippine University, 1979)
    Lecture given before the Association of Professors and Teachers of Filipino in 1972. Reprinted from Indonesia, published by the Indonesian Embassy, Manila. Indonesia is comprised of so many islands covering a total of ...
  • Bululakaw - a Southeast Asian deity? 

    Lagos, Ramon (Central Philippine University, 1979)
    Bululakaw is now regarded by Filipinos as a mythical bird, but in the past Bululakaw was worshipped as a god and not only by the people of the Philippines. There is a tradition told by the old people of Panay that Bululakaw ...
  • A brief history of the Protestant church in Indonesia 

    Unknown author (Central Philippine University, 1979)
    The oldest Protestant church in Southeast Asia is probably the Protestant Church in Indonesia, the Geredja Protestant Indonesia (GPI) which observed its 374th anniversary last February 27, 1979. It is almost 300 years older ...
  • The Filipino woman in history 

    Sonza, Demy P. (Central Philippine University, 1979)
    “The history of the world is but the biography of great men,” declared Thomas Carlyle. And someone quickly added that “behind every great man is a woman.” In the Philippines, however, women have accomplished great things ...
  • Josefa Abiertas: The first Filipino woman Baptist to gain national renown 

    Sonza, Demy P.; Sonza, Gloria (Central Philippine University, 1979)
    The province of Capiz that has produced such outstanding topnotchers in the Bar examination for lawyers as President Manuel Roxas and Justice Jose Hontiveros, also holds the distinction of having raised the first Filipino ...
  • The religious influence on American policies in the Philippines, 1898 - 1916 

    Ponteras, Moises S. (Central Philippine University, 1979)
    Church and State in the Philippines, 1565-1898. The political setup in the Philippines during the Spanish period was chiefly characterized by the union of Church and State. It should be noted that the conquest and colonization ...
  • Southeast Asia Journal Volume 10(2), 1978 

    Central Philippine University (Central Philippine University, 1978)
    Southeast Asia Journal was a research journal published by the University Research Center, Central Philippine University.
  • An evaluation of compact farms and seldas as channels for improving credit repayment under the Masagana 99 rice production program in compact farm areas in Panay, Philippines 

    Unknown author (Central Philippine University, 1978)
    This study aimed to identify which mode of organization can serve as a better channel for credit repayment. The study evaluated Original Compact Farm, Modified Compact Farm, Original Selda, and Modified Selda. Within ...
  • A study of socio economic status of married women and its relationship to their fertility 

    Layag, Linnie Landoy (Central Philippine University, 1978)
    The main purpose of this study was to find out the relationship of fertility to (1) place of residence (2) means of livelihood and (3) socio-economic status as indicated by the variables of educational attainment, income, ...
  • A study of wives' motivations and aspirations and their relationship to family planning behavior and fertility 

    Catalogo, Lucy B. (Central Philippine University, 1978)
    The purposes of this study were (1) to assess the perception of wives of the importance and fulfillment or hope of fulfillment of needs and aspirations, and their relations to family planning behavior and fertility; (2) ...
  • A study of the modernity attitude of married women and its relation to fertility 

    Guillergan, Violeta L. (Central Philippine University, 1978)
    The study was designed to find out the relationship of the wives’ modernity attitude to number of pregnancies, the indicator of fertility. The 460 married women whose ages ranged from fourteen to forty-four randomly selected ...

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