Recent Submissions

  • Study of the levels of harmonics in Central Philippine University 

    Silvederio, Julienne Marie B.; Sultan, Mycka Murielh S.; Tabiolo, Franz J.; Cabig, Denver C. (2020)
    This study was conducted to determine the levels of harmonics in Central Philippine University. Harmonic content and power factor data of the 12 transformer banks in the university were gathered using Fluke 1735-three phase ...
  • Power demand medium term forecasting for Vitarich Corporation using data mining algorithm 

    Boron, Wilfred O.; Anacan, James Paul D.; Haro, El Vee Joice G.; Sedotes, James Nikko F. (2020)
    Forecasting provides a well founded decision in making future developments, in maintaining a stable system, and in avoiding technical risks. This study focuses on data mining the historical records of Vitarich Corporation, ...