The Teachers Journal is the first journal published by Central Philippine University in 1964

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  • The Teachers Journal Volume 2(2), January 1965 

    Central Philippine University (Central Philippine University, 1965-01)
    The Teachers Journal is the first journal published by Central Philippine University in 1964.
  • Weighting and sequencing English tense-aspect modifications for Hiligaynon speakers 

    Ruiz, Macario B. (Central Philippine University, 1965-01)
    The purpose of this study was to evolve a pattern of weighting and sequencing English tense-aspect modifications for Hiligaynon speakers. Three more or less independent but complementary studies were involved: (a) a study ...
  • The importance of preparing indigenous stories for reading in the intermediate grades 

    Gerona, Leda F. (Central Philippine University, 1965-01)
    Nobody quarrels with the need to teach literature in schools, but there has been much dis­cussion about what to teach, and when, and where. Another “where” question is: Where may we obtain materials? Another question is: ...
  • Teaching mathematics the integrated way 

    Sornito, Nenita P. (Central Philippine University, 1965-01)
    Learning is said to be more lasting when acquired through many avenues. The author demonstrates how mathematical concepts can be made intelligible through different approaches. After teaching high school mathematics for ...
  • The isolation of Hiligaynon statements 

    Catedral, Esperanza M. (Central Philippine University, 1965-01)
    This article attempts to define the <em>Hiligaynon</em> statement and to identify its subclasses in terms of a description of its contrastive structuring and the elements that function in its basic patterns. This is a ...
  • Analyzing a study of measurement of teacher merit 

    Herradura, Elma S. (Central Philippine University, 1965-01)
    The study being discussed here was done in Raleigh, North Carolina, but is presented here for the implications it may have for the evolvement of teacher rating scales. This study of teacher merit was authorized by the ...
  • Pointers for professionals turned teachers 

    Slesinger, Reuben E. (Central Philippine University, 1965-01)
    Although the successful professional should be in the best position to tell others how to succeed in his field, his success in the profession does not guarantee that he can effectively teach others how to do it. Dr. Slesinger ...
  • Some contemporary issues in New Testament studies 

    Knudsen, Ralph E. (Central Philippine University, 1965-01)
    In the spirit of the biblical in­ junction to seek the truth, Dr. Knudsen points out some implications for faith and scriptural scholarship of the new depth studies being conducted on the bases of the Christian faith. It ...
  • Trends in conducting physics laboratory work 

    Boekelheide, Irving F. (Central Philippine University, 1965-01)
    What do we teach when we teach physics? What do we hope to accomplish when we send students to a laboratory? What is a sound program for laboratory activities? Dr. Boekelheide offers his alternative to the traditional ...