Recent Submissions

  • Jesus Christ is coming again! (A symposium) 

    University Church (Central Philippine University, 1992)
    This symposium features three lectures on the resurrection of Jesus Christ by CPU College of Theology professors.
  • Come, Lord Jesus 

    Gumban, Johnny V. (Central Philippine University, 1992)
    Christians of all time and place have always shared in common their joyful faith and hope in the second coming of their Lord. This is the PAROUSIA (second coming) which will be the end of time and the fulfillment of ...
  • Resurrection and rapture 

    Diel, Domingo J. Jr. (Central Philippine University, 1992)
    By the nature of the subject being discussed in this symposium, divided in three related topics, repetitions at some points cannot be avoided. In fact, the next two topics — mine and Dr. Gumban’s “Judgment and Tribulation” ...
  • The biblical basis of the second coming of Jesus Christ 

    Fabula, Nathaniel M. (Central Philippine University, 1992)
    The biblical teaching on the Second Coming of Christ is not being emphasized in many churches today. It may be that many Christians do not entertain the idea that the Lord is coming in our generation because of historical ...