Recent Submissions

  • Panubli: A film about the descendant of the famous urban legend Maria Labo 

    Gesulgon, Ma. Theresa Joyce T.; Posadas, Emmanuel S.; Patenio, Joss Stephen Harhyncz S.; Arreño, Beatriz H. (2018)
    The movie industry nowadays is showing films that are either a prequel, sequel and remakes of films and stories that were enjoyed and embraced by the masses in the past, for example, movies made by Marvel and DC. This ...
  • When no one notices 

    Espiritu, Thea D.; Delos Santos, Rani Joyce B.; Baquiano, Jess Kelly R.; Dulog, Carl Ian Rey (2018)
    Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a mental health condition experienced by a person who has undergone a terrifying event. It is commonly happening to the victims of sexual abuse and assault, veterans returning from ...