This collection comprises periodical articles featuring select national figures meticulously gathered and curated by the Philippine Heroes Center of Central Philippine University in 1965. It contains articles about the lives and contributions of notable figures such as General Emilio Aguinaldo, Andres Bonifacio, Apolinario Mabini, the Del Pilar siblings, and the Luna brothers.

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  • The Del Pilar Brothers: Compiled Periodical Articles 

    Unknown author (1965)
    The Del Pilar Brothers is a compilation of periodical articles initiated in 1965 by the Philippine Heroes Center of Central Philippine University.
  • Gregorio H. Del Pilar, the hero of Tirad Pass 

    Villanueva, Francisco Jr. (The Filipino Teacher, 1951-03)
    There was in the town of Bulacan, province of Bulacan, a lanky and unobtrusive swarthy stripping, but spruce, smug, debonair, brisk and handsome, with small head, dark, restless eyes, long nose, and thin lips, who jumbled ...
  • The hero who could have been a teacher 

    Quirino, Jose A. (The Filipino Teacher, 1955-01)
    General Gregorio del Pilar, the defender of Tirad Pass and the youngest hero of the Philippine Revolution, as a small child nurtured the ambition of becoming a teacher someday. This was the reason why he took up Bachelor ...
  • A revolutionario recalls the Battle of Tirad Pass 

    Ma. Misa, Arturo (Philippine Free Press, 1956-12)
    The man who looked up to the pile of checks he was signing was an old man, dark and lean. A wide smile lighted his weather-beaten face. He extended a welcoming hand to the writer. The man was Captain Isidro Wenceslao, the ...
  • Who buried General Gregorio del Pilar? 

    Manila, N.J. (Philippine Free Press, 1951-01-27)
    According to most Philippine history textbooks, del Pilar was buried by the Americans immediately after the battle. The probable source of the accepted version is the book American Occupation of the Philippines by James ...
  • The death of General Gregorio del Pilar in the famous battle of Tirad Pass (Dec. 1, 1899) 

    Enriquez, Jose T. (The Filipino Teacher, 1953-11)
    "Who is there," once asked the late President Manuel L. Quezon, " that can tread the level of loyalty and gallantry exhibited by Gregorio del Pilar, who, like a Spartan soldier, offered his life as a holocaust to duty?" ...
  • He fought at Tirad Pass 

    Ablang, Leandro R. (Philippine Free Press, 1951-01-27)
    Somewhere east of Candon, over the jagged peaks of the Cordillera , is a tiny mountain pass which Ilocano mothers point out to their sons as a symbol of Filipino heroism. This is Tirad Pass. A young general by the name ...
  • General Del Pilar's other battles 

    Hidalgo, Ernesto C. (Philippine Free Press, 1962-04-14)
    No other Filipino general in the Philippine Revolution and in the Filipino-American War could compare with General Gregorio H. del Pilar in romantic escapades, gallantry toward the enemy, and intrepid exploits. At 24, he ...
  • The battle above the clouds 

    Abelardo, Victoria (Philippine Journal of Education, 1952-11)
    "It was a battle above the clouds I saw the youngest and bravest Filipino general trying to align his men to detain the American forces who were pursuing him, so that he could protect the retreat of Aguinaldo, I saw him ...
  • A soldier of the revolution 

    Wenceslao, Isidro (This Week, 1958-11-30)
    MARCH 22, 1896, is a day that shall always be etched in my memory. For on this date I took my oath as a full-fledged member of the "Balagay Uliran," a Katipunan unit located in San Nicolas, Bulacan, before serious-minded ...
  • "Heneral Goyo" and the Katipunan 

    Wenceslao, Isidro (Philippine Free Press, 1961-11-25)
    LITTLE is known of General Gregorio del Pilar save for his valiant stand with a small force in Tirad Pass against an American platoon of the 33rd Infantry under the command of Major P.C. March. No history of the Revolution ...
  • Del Pilar-The Filipino Leonidas 

    Quirino, Jose A. (Philippine Free Press, 1960-12-03)
    A Romantic figure in Philippine history is the 24-years old general who magnificently took part in the Battle of Tirad Pass on December 2, 1899, when 60 ill-equipped Filipinos engaged 300 better-armed American sharpshooters ...
  • The young man as a revolutionary 

    Toledo, J.V. (This Week, 1956-12-09)
    LATE IN THE NINETEENTH CENTURY, when the Philippines was filled with the heady libertarian ideals and principles of the propaganda movement generated by the ilustrados in the homeland and in the Peninsula, a young man from ...
  • Gregorio H. Del Pilar - The boy 

    Quirino, Jose A. (Philippine Free Press, 1954-11-13)
    Who would ever think that one of the bravest generals of our revolutions , the man who led 60 men to fight against 300 American sharpshooters in the "Battle of the Clouds," learned his marskmanship by practising on a sumpit ...