Recent Submissions

  • Banished: Rediscovering Jesus in a fast, furious, and fantastic culture 

    Zonita, Joshua Z. (Centralogos Distribution and Publishing, 2021)
    As the waves of 21st century reaches the shore of our existence, we must embrace the fact that they carry ideas that are more evolved and progressive. As you open the pages of this book, it is best to have a silent pause ...
  • Thrive: Devotions to grow your faith 

    Villeza, Rea Angelica F. (Centralogos Distribution and Publishing, 2021)
    Thrive is a collection of Christian devotionals written by Prof. Rea Angelica F. Villeza. "THRIVE is a great devotional material which compels readers to reflect on God's Word, to assess their values and to cultivate ...
  • A history of Philippine Baptist Pastors: 1898 - 2002 

    Jalando-on, Francis Neil G. (Institute of Advanced Theological Studies, 2003)
    "This book hopes to contribute to the writing of the history of the Philippine Baptist pastors from a point of view that emphasizes the Philippine Baptist pastors. This study aims at reconstructing a history of the ...