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  • Hybrid solar-wind powered street lights 

    Aduna, Vincent Ray J.; Banaay, Kenneth L.; Tarroja, Gerry Laurent U.; Tumulak, Klea A.; Valenzuela, Nellyn Joy C. (Central Philippine University, 2020-04)
    This research aimed to plan, construct, and test a Hybrid Solar-Wind Powered Street Light, a prototype system, for Dumangas- Barotac Road. Since Dumangas-Barotac Road holds multiple records vehicular accidents at night ...
  • MEDIVEND: Over-the-counter vending machine 

    Esteba, Joshua Kyle P.; Isidro, Elson D.; Jalyone, Brian Kent J.; Ledesma, Hector Jaime A.; Lopez, Third Ed D. (Central Philippine University, 2020-04)
    This study aims to develop an efficient method of dispensing over-the-counter medicine through the fabrication of a medicine vending machine. The machine has four major components: the user interface, the dispensing ...
  • Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) based smart power access system for electronics laboratory 

    Aguacito, John D.; Defensor, Vincent Salvador P.; Javil, Exel Jan B.; Llose, Gladys Hope I.; Siroy, Reis Titus Levy P.; Sobretodo, Vince Andy D. (Central Philippine University, 2020-03)
    This study sought to modernize the manual switching of electricity and to prevent the unnecessary electrical consumption that happens inside the Electronics laboratory using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) - Based ...