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dc.description.abstractIn this issue: 1) Javier presents at Oxford, United Kingdom; 2) Dr. Reynaldo N. Dusaran in Center for Rural Development; 3) Dusaran and three others attend the AUDRN international conference; 4) Dusaran attended CARES-M&D; 5) CPU is once again the CSIS partner LRI; 6) URC targets to finalize research report form and style guidelines; 7) URC extends technical advise; 8) Dusaran attended AUDRN Teambuilding and Planning Workshop; 9) University Research and Outreach conduct joint planning; 10) URC pushes for more faculty researches; 11) Selected abstracts; 12) Research feature: Level of harmonics produced by the variable frequency drive controller used in the induction type water pump motor of Central Philippine University by Vitini Edhard O. Idemne, Ramon A. Alguidano, Alberto A. Java & Ceasar Rico S. Acanto; 13) Ongoing research projects; 14) K-l 2: An Opportunity for Researchen_US
dc.publisherCentral Philippine Universityen_US
dc.titleCPU Research Newsletter 2015 Septemberen_US
dc.contributor.corporateauthorUniversity Research Centeren

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