The books within this collection are assets under Central Philippine University's (CPU) care. These materials comprise works authored by CPU alums that are not published by the CPU. Additionally, this compilation may encompass resources authored by non-Centralians yet held in trust by CPU due to their substantial scholarly or informational significance.

Recent Submissions

  • Sleepless in Dhaka & other poems: Written and inspired by Bangladesh 

    Ausan, Leo Lito Jr., L. (Rhythm Group, 2024)
    This simple compilation of Ambassador Leo's poems written and inspired, in Bangladesh, is a celebration of his arrival and coming of age as a Poet Diplomat. His numerous Hiligaynon poems are yet unpublished in a compilation, ...
  • No man is an island 

    Sonza, Demy (ABC Printing Center, 1990)
    A spoken message may be heard by just a few people, if delivered to a small audience; or by thousands, if aired over the radio or television. No matter how well an oral message may be delivered, however, it may not be fully ...